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This website is dedicated to the
wonderful music of Robert Farnon

The Robert Farnon Society issued its last printed edition of "Journal Into Melody" in December 2013. In future its activities will be centred around this website, which will be updated and revamped early in 2014. Please therefore ignore all existing references to the magazine, the committee, London meetings and subscriptions, since paying members will not be accepted in future. You are invited to come back again in 2014 to view the changes that will be taking place. New details will also be provided soon if you wish to contact us.

In the meantime, why not join us over at Facebook and stay in touch?

  A warm welcome from the ROBERT FARNON SOCIETY

 .... a thriving Society devoted to some of the finest musicians in the world of Light Music, also known as Easy Listening, Middle-of-the-Road, Mood Music or Concert Music.

Latest update:
April 2014


Click on the titles on the left to hear original recordings from the Chappell Recorded Music Library.
(You can scroll down.)

The recordings have been provided for your enjoyment by kind permission of Universal Production Music.
This is a major source of production music for everyone involved in the media - especially films, television, documentaries and radio. Whatever kind of music that is required, there will be a wide variety to choose from Universal.
Professionals in the media are invited to contact Universal Production Music.

Are any of the following names known to you?
Ronnie Aldrich
Leroy Anderson
John Barry
Stanley Black
Frank Chacksfield
Eric Coates
Trevor Duncan
Percy Faith
Robert Farnon
Ron Goodwin
Morton Gould
Philip Green
Andre Kostelanetz
Ray Martin
George Melachrino
Angela Morley
Norrie Paramor
Franck Pourcel
Clive Richardson
Roger Roger
David Rose
Cyril Stapleton
Ernest Tomlinson
Sidney Torch
Dolf van der Linden
Paul Weston
Charles Williams
John Wilson
Haydn Wood
Peter Yorke
... and many more
If you already know one, or more, of these names, then the Robert Farnon Society will have something to interest you.



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