Robert farnon society – protecting the love for classical music

Musical industry / December 22, 2017

Those who have grown up listening to the classical orchestra pieces all their lives, will surely be in love with those symphonies. Yes, over the years, the sale of CD’s or cassettes of American classical music have not been very heartening and it has just seen a rise of around 5% in 2013 vis-à-vis the sale of other genres of music. This however, does not matter to the orchestra music enthusiast. The legendary Canadian musician, and composer, Robert Farnon has always been a top favorite in the world where classical music is in great awe.

The rise of Robert Farnon

As a Captain in the Canadian army, he soon became the arranger of Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. He proved his mettle as a musician par excellence.

Later, he moved to England with his wife and kids. Slowly, he began arranging and making some fantastic pieces of music. This is when many of his creations came out.

Robert Farnon is best known for two of his works in the light music genre – “Jumping Bean” and “Portrait of a Flirt”. He also became famous for other renditions before entering the world of motion pictures. His music for films like It’s a Wonderful World, of 1956, The Little Hut of 1957, and The Road to Hong Kong of 1962.

About the Robert Farnon Society

Taking a leaf from his works and popularizing the light music genre has been the primary work of Robert Farnon Society. This is the centenary year for Robert Farnon and so the society is doing, even more, to bring back the golden era of the master composer. The society organizes light music events, all year round and runs newsletters and even organizes meetings in London on light music.

The Robert Farnon Society is famous for honoring legends in this field of organizing and composing music like David Ades, John Barry, Greg Francis, and John Holiday to name a few. They also have interesting articles that share with the readers and fellow music enthusiasts’ information about the musician’s life, or the history behind the composition of his songs and music.

The Fan memorabilia and more

Every classical music lover fears that one day, the music of these musicians would get lost or damaged. However, this is where the modern developers of technology have stepped in and they have shared the best of Robert Farnon’s music right there on the official website for the lovers to buy as CD’s.

However, the light music CD’s are available from 2003 to 2017 for the buyers to pick from and listen in the evenings. Each of these CD’s has a list of top films and the musical soundtrack that featured in these movies. There are songs by John Wilson and his orchestra for “Moonlight becomes you.” There are also compositions from BBC Concert Orchestra, which also have a fine list of music to set the mood for a classical rendezvous.

With such effort, one can remain assured that the classical music is not in dangerous waters anymore.

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Everything you need to know about working in mechanical building services

Maintenance activities / November 19, 2017

If you ever considered working in mechanical building services, then you surely want to know what kind of skills are required to do it, what kind of responsibilities you are going to have and what the fields that are hiring in this job are. Everyone knows that people working in building services are often very pleased with how much money they make. If you are passionate about the building sector, then you are even luckier, considering the fact that doing what you love – and being paid well – is essential for living the happiest, most satisfying life. Read below a series of information related to a job in mechanical building services:

Work activities

Working in the field of mechanical building services implies activities such as designing a layout which will properly distribute the energy wires, each water pipe and the entire ventilation system in a house. Someone who works in this field will also draw plans in specialized software to show the employer the exact outcome of the project. Trial and error tests are also implied in this job. Once the project outcome was tested, the building services worker will also make sure that each safety requirement is met, and no risk is implied in using the installation. In addition, someone who works in this field should also know how to handle teamwork, promote efficiency at work and compose reports for each activity handled.


If you want to hire in mechanical building services, there are many routes of education that are accepted. For instance, there are career paths for both people who graduated university and school leavers. Each person who graduated and obtained a degree in engineering and each person who has an accredited certificate in working in this domain should be able to find a job in building services. Of course, people with higher degrees and industry work experience will surely be advantaged when seeking for a job.


The skills required for working in mechanical building services include:

  • Solving a problem quickly and thinking analytical
  • Paying attention to details in designing
  • Numeracy skills
  • Being able to communicate with team members and employers
  • Management skills both in timing and budget
  • Technical drawing skills in specialized programs
  • IT skills in modelling programs and related programs

Work fields

As a worker in this domain, you can find employers like:

  • Companies that are working in the construction fields
  • Facilities management companies
  • Government
  • Research

If you are also interested in other jobs that are related to mechanical building services, you can try learning more about jobs such as architects, site or environmental managers, building control, engineers in civil or sites, landscape architects and so on. The industry of construction is offering many available positions in this field of work, so reprofiling is not a bad idea. Depending on the skills and passions you may have, you can choose the appropriate job and climb the career path as high as possible.

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How can Victims of Child Abuse Apply for Compensation?

Legal Knowledge / May 13, 2017

Child abuse – sexual, physical or emotional – can be very traumatic and affects victims in more ways than one. The after-effects may not be immediately visible and can only be felt years later in some cases. What makes matters worse is that many child abuse victims refuse to speak up because of fear and shame, and such abusers go free and unscathed.

If you have been a victim of child abuse, you are entitled to all the help and support you need to cope with the psychological stress that you are under. Unfortunately, you cannot undo what happened but you can apply for monetary compensation for your suffering.

Who will pay the compensation?

You can sue the abuser for his misdeeds to receive compensation. You can make your claim even if you are a minor, but you need an adult person to initiate the proceedings. As an adult, you can directly approach the court and receive compensation of up to 5000 pounds.

You can also apply for compensation against the local authority or any other concerned person who failed to take up the responsibility of protecting you from abuse. In these cases you need to have proof that they had a duty to take care of you, the negligence of which caused you to suffer.

You can apply for compensation by filing a complaint with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority or CICA. For your claim to bear fruit, you need to apply within two years of the abuse ideally.

Deadline for applying

Many courts realize that for a person to come ahead and reveal being a victim of child abuse requires courage and may take time. The time limit is usually three years from the time the abuse has occurred. However if you are underage, your eighteenth birthday will mark the beginning of your three-year deadline.

Steps to follow

You might apply for compensation of the fees you had to pay for therapy and counseling, or any financial losses that you incurred as a result of the abuse. It is also a good idea to report the incident to the police and keep all the relevant documents as proof.

If you are suing the abuser, you might not get legal aid but you can always apply for a No Win No Fee agreement that keeps you covered so that you do not have to pay your solicitors in case your claim is not successful – read the helpful issue about no win no fee terms for more information.

Taking professional help while applying for the claim will be a wise decision. You can consult experienced solicitors as they will be there to help and guide you through the various steps and maximize your chances of success.  If you are looking for a solicitor in England, Wales or Scotland, you can find a list of suitable solicitors on the Solicitors Guru website.

Child abuse is a heinous crime. Children are defenseless and helpless against anyone stronger than them and anyone who takes advantage of this should be severely punished.

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Types and parts of pressure control valves

Industrial / May 6, 2017

Parts of pressure control valve

Generally speaking there are two important parts of pressure control valve. These are explained as under:

  • Valve is the first part which allows the fluid flow through it. It is that part which also varies the flow magnitude.
  • The controller is the other part. It signals the valve to increase or decrease the sizing Technically speaking valve operates under the commands or signals which are generated by the controller.
  • As per some experts the actuator is the third part of the pressure control valve. The opening and closing of the valve are controlled by this part.

Types of pressure control valves

As the manufacturers flood the market with pressure control valves there are many types which can be purchased. Some of these are mentioned as under for clarification in a better manner:


  • Globe valve

Flow regulation in a pipeline is controlled by globe valve. There are two openings of this valve that are separated by a baffle. The disk on the top is rotated to regulate the flow manually if they are being used for home. As the disk is moved the rings inside slide down and completely or partially stop the fluid or water flow. Industrial globe valves are embedded with a long pipe. This is installed between the baffle and the disk. The industrial type also comes with the actuator to control the fluid flow and maintain the hydraulic pressure.


  • Butterfly valve

There is a large disk installed to control the fluid flow using butterfly valve. There are several advantages of using this valve. Some of them are:

  • These valves support instant shut off. This means that when installing to any hydraulic system it allows resource saving.
  • Among all types of valves this one has the lowest cost and therefore it is used in a number of industries including hydraulic power stations and cement factories.
  • As compared to other types this one is very light in weight. It therefore does not require any special equipment for installation neither it requires special installation arrangements.


  • Ball valve

It is the most common type of valve that is used in industrial applications. It is also one of the most used valves for home piping and fluid control. A hollow ball is used to control the fluid that is passing through the pipes. When the ball hole is in line with the flow the valve is considered open. The handle at the top allows the closing of the valve manually. Most industrial shut-off and control applications use this valve. They are very reliable in nature and therefore remain in the best form even after long disuse periods.

Depending upon the use and equipment in the industry any of the above-mentioned valves can be used. There are other types of valves as well which can fulfill the purpose such as gate valve, piston valve, hydrogen valve and pinch valve. The working of valve greatly depends upon materials that are used to make them. Normally valves are made up of titanium, chrome, bronze and brass.


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Advantages and disadvantages of VPN

Web Technologies / April 2, 2017

The main purpose of VPN is to allow users to connect remotely. VPN is therefore just like WAN but secure. Companies and large corporations make use of this technology as it is highly secure and reliable. To this day these companies are of the view that scattered users can be connected using this terminology that is not only reliable but is easily configurable. Another emerging use of VPN is its deployment in all such projects that are outsourced by the companies such as call centers. It is advent that new technologies are emerging with every passing day. However, the fact of the matter is that the importance of VPN remains and is increasing. Deploying this technology means that hefty amounts will be saved. According to IT gurus VPN advantages surpass its disadvantages and the technology is still live and usable. The best VPN services at AntaNet can lead you to a pretty good decision.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages are listed as under which will make the decision further easy for you. The only thing to take the best out of your VPN is to act sensibly:

  1. Security and configuration

Pro: It is a proven fact that compared to all other technologies VPN provides a great level of safety and security. For any attacker, it is almost impossible to decrypt the data traveling over VPN or to hack into the network as the protocols designed to administer VPN are very complex and hard to crack.

Con: The idea of security comes with the sole disadvantage of configuration. VPN is not easy to deploy and a tier 1 IT expert cannot come over the related issues. A high level of intelligence and IT experience is required to ensure that VPN works well and the performance remains up to the mark.

  1. VPN budget

Pro: As compared to the emerging technologies, VPN is easy to maintain when it comes to cost. Another type of configuration can eat up millions of dollars and you might not get the results you are looking for. VPN is highly reliable and saves both time and cost.

Con: Service providers can be a real pain if they are not coordinating with the IT department. Choosing providers sensibly is therefore highly recommended in this regard. While you choose a provider always consider the fact that they offer minimum downtime genuinely.

  1. Scalability

Pro: Growth of VPN is very easy to deploy and administer. No new components are used and no new terminologies have to be configured to keep the network up to the mark. The growth of the network can be monitored with same effectiveness so that the performance remains up to the mark.

Con: VPN components can prove to be a problem as they are provider base. If the technical aspects are not covered properly then the current infrastructure can lead to issues and vendor change might be required. In case the vendor is changed then there is a fair chance that the old components become incompatible which are then to be replaced by new ones leading to increased cost.

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Ultrasound In Action: Unparalleled Cleaning Results

Industrial / November 23, 2015

Surface cleaning by ultrasound is referred to highly effective and efficient purification and cleaning processes. The advantages of this method are: the ability to quickly remove various types of pollution from the surface of the items; ability to clean parts of complex shape, with hard to reach cavities and channels; applicability of different detergents; possibility of carrying out the cleaning process at room temperature or moderate heating; ease of mechanisation and automation of the process.

Ultrasonic waves propagating in detergent solution from the radiation source, provide pressure on the surface of the item due cavitation phenomena. Cavitation is manifested in the fluid breaks under the action of the sound wave to form small bubbles (50-500 microns) filled with cleaning fluid vapors. Some bubbles collapse almost instantly (20-50 ms), creating a local pressure surges reaching the pressure of hundreds of atmospheres. Under the influence of this pressure the destruction of contaminants takes place. Another part of bubbles doesn’t collapse, and under the influence of intense pulsed ultrasound field and moves with the hydrodynamic flow, it contributes to the intensification of treatment.

Choosing the optimal procedure

Depending on the type of contamination (solid or liquid), and a kind of washing medium (solvent or alkali aqueous solution) cleaning mechanism is determined. Thus, the purification of solid contaminants in the aqueous environment pollution destroyed forces arising in the collapse of bubbles. When cleaning in a solvent or aqueous medium-soluble or viscous pollutants most important is the circulation of the fluid in which the major role is played by active pulsating bubbles. The main factors determining the cleaning process are: the frequency and intensity of ultrasonic vibrations, the properties and temperature of the cleaning liquid and the location of the parts to be cleaned in an ultrasonic field.

The frequency of the ultrasonic vibration determines the intensity of the collapse of cavitation bubbles. The lower the frequency, the greater the intensity of each separate act of collapsing, as at low frequency the bubble has more time to form and reaches a higher value. Furthermore, at low frequencies waves have a large penetration depth, which is particularly advantageous when cleaning complex parts having holes and chambers. Under the influence of low-frequency ultrasonic waves can have a vibrate effect on components themselves, which also contributes to cleaning.

However, at frequencies below 20 kHz, the sound becomes audible. The shrill sound of the whistle and the accompanying job ultrasonic devices on these frequencies is unpleasant for the human ear and has a painful impact. Based on the above assumptions, studies and technical expertise, the frequency of 20-25 kHz is the most appropriate for cleaning. This is the optimal number manufacturers are heading for – Hilsonic engineers, representing one of the most influential UK manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaner equipment, admits the numbers lie within the golden medium they are aiming at in designing and production.

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The role of concrete throughout ages

Industrial / November 10, 2015

Like most building materials, concrete has come through a long way of development and enhancements. In the excavations on the banks of the Danube archaeologists discovered the remains of habitation 5000 years ago, where the 15” thick floors were a prehistoric pouring concrete: as binder red clay was used, while the reinforcing element was a fine river gravel.

Egyptian civilisation

Specific examples of the binding of small stones or solutions with coarse aggregate were known in ancient times to the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Phoenicians and Carthaginians. The earliest use of concrete in Egypt was found in the tomb of Thebes, and it dates back to 1950 BC. Concrete was used in the construction of the Egyptian galleries of the maze (3600 BC) and the monolithic body of the pyramid Nima long before our era. The Egyptians used gypsum and lime as a binder. A quarter century ago, Swiss chemistry professor Joseph Davidovits made a resonance assumption that artificial production of geopolymer concrete blocks took place in the erection of the pyramid of Cheops. Examining limestone blocks, a professor found a human hair in one of them – it could be there only in one case: it fell off when mixing the working solution. The result of further searches of the scientist was the inscription on the stele period of 3rd dynasty. Decoded characters contained recipes of ancient concrete. An independent study found that the base of the Great Pyramid is built of natural limestone and the top few rows are made of concrete. A concrete mixture comprises a palm ash, sandstone chips and a variety of soda obtained from the Nile water.

Concrete in Asia

In India, in the temples and palaces of the nobility well-preserved concrete printed floors (of IV-V centuries BC) were found. One of the first concrete materials was applied the ancient Chinese people. Great Wall of China, the construction of which began in the 3rd century BC. was partially built of concrete. Preparation of concrete and forming of a wall can be described as one part lime putty thoroughly mixed with two parts of sand and gravel, then such a dry concrete mix with a small amount of water was stacked in layers of a thickness of about 7” between the wooden boards of formwork and compacted hard wood beetles. The next layer of concrete was laid on the damp of surface.


Сoncrete use is widely spread across the world, and it is utilised for the construction of various structures. The material is used in the construction of both residential and industrial buildings as well as in road construction, construction of bridges, tunnels and hydraulic structures. The material itself has numerous modifications, thus the most advanced, like Telling architectural agency based in Wolverhampton, focus on hydraulic lime and lime mortar solutions.

The use of concrete in construction helps architects to express their creative ideas and plans. Also, when using a matrix with different patterns an architect can create a textured surface that does not require additional finishing. As the use of concrete mixtures in construction contributed to the creation and dissemination of various formwork systems.

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Slant Wells Profile Types & Choice Features

Industrial / November 9, 2015

The correct choice of the borehole in directional drilling is the mission of essential importance. Rational profile allows minimizing the work of deflection arrangement to the least possible depth, provides the necessary offset relative to the outfall of the allowable deviation intensity, the free passage of the drilling equipment through tubing, as well as trouble-free well exploiting in accordance with modern methods for long time.

Consequently, the profile of downhole must be chosen with minimum time consumption, investment volumes, allowing achieving the required a depth with no change project adjustments and accidents, ensuring adequate quality for long and trouble-free operation.

Nowadays are widely used and meet virtually all the geological, technical and technological requirements of drilling and production profiles of the following types:

  1. The tangential type of profile features three sections: vertical section, section of a set of zenith angle, site stabilization zenith angle extending to a depth of wells. This profile provides maximum deviation from the vertical wellbore with a minimum zenith angle, so it is preferred to use it in the case of multiple drilling. The profile either does not imply using any intermediate columns in wells of moderate depth or implies curvatures within the range provides in case of deep wells;
  2. S-shaped type of profile consists of four sections: vertical section, section of a set of zenith angle, site stabilization zenith angle and zenith angle falling area. The hallmark of this profile is the presence of a set of plots and the zenith angle of incidence, so in addition to the general 5-interval, 3 and 4-interval modifications are possible. This profile is taken advantage of when the need to establish intermediate casing strings, drilling wells from one platform, for example, on the high seas, is required. This profile provides an intermediate casing in the range of the second deviation.
  3. J-shaped is the type of profile consisting of two sections: a vertical section and a low-intensity set zenith angle along the major radius. The profile is used for drilling on layers beneath the salt domes, multiple drilling and opening the deep-lying objects.

Tangential and J-shaped profile types are typically preferred to the S-shaped so that they have no kinks; they improve the permeability of the tool and geophysical instruments, reduce the amount of work the deflection arrangement reduces the resistance force when moving the drilling and casing facilitates operating conditions well.

However, the proven industry experts will carry out a thorough examination prior to proceeding to initiating the works. A full development cycle in fact can be delegated to a single company: thus, if you are searching for a company to outsource borehole drilling tasks, you may want to consider the option of teaming up with European Geophysical Services. A seasoned company specializing in geophysics, boasting a triple A staff and an affordable pricing model, has been in borehole drilling for more than 9 years. The company will cope with a borehole drilling mission of any complexity, so feel free to get in touch with EGS reps to discuss the details.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Efficiency At Pipelines Under The Roof

Industrial / October 20, 2015

To press for the maximum efficiency from using ultrasound technology, continuous ultrasonic cleaning and a conveyor belt in particular are typically used in the manufacturing process. These settings are more productive and are used for machining high-volume production.

Depending on the contamination of parts cleaning process might look like and consist of the following cleaning cycles:

1) cleaning in boiling solvent; ultrasonic cleaning; cleaning in pairs, drying;

2) ultrasonic cleaning; cleaning in pairs, drying;

3) wetting the cold solvent; ultrasonic cleaning; cleaning in pairs, drying;

4) ultrasonic cleaning; cleaning in boiling solvent;

5) cleaning in boiling solvent; cleaning in boiling solvent without ultrasound; cleaning in boiling solvent;

6) cleaning in boiling solvent; wetting cold solvent without ultrasound; cleaning in pairs.

The first cycle is most preferred as it demonstrates the most admiring results in terms of cost-efficiency. Cycles two and three are used in cases where purification is conducted by thermosetting contaminants which are polymerized in boiling solvent. The cycle of four may be used to flush out dirt deeper into the details, peeling from the surface contamination when exposed to ultrasound. In this case, the condensate is collected in a separate section.

Nevertheless, the efficiency marks may be different in sophisticated cases. Therefore, before integrating the technology the possible options are investigated along with equipment manufacturer’s experts. The most innovative businesses, like Hilsonic, focused on ultrasonic cleaner devices production, provide consulting and professional audit services to help the companies make the most of the transition.

Cleaning security should be provided with ventilation devices. In case of solvent vapor breaks above refrigerator suction with a subsequent release into the atmosphere which leads to pollution of the atmosphere. It is therefore preferable to block the ventilation system. (more…)

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When Emotions & Rationality Meet In B2B

B2B / September 16, 2015

Despite the myths, the rational and emotional parts can be merged within a B2B solution, and you can’t bet only on the rational aspect. Today we’ll talk about how significant emotions are in viral advertising for B2B, how to create an emotional connection with your brand, and how to do it with the help of viral video.

So how does an average promo video look like? As a rule, the concept itself is very similar to some presentation, which logically explains how can one benefit from a particular product or service, what are its advantages over the other and so on. It is not surprising, because in most cases, marketers believe that a business audience makes decisions based on reasoning and logical conclusions.

However, this opinion is disputed by the results of research and Google CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council, conducted in 3,000 companies from 36 different market segments. They are completely dispel the myth that emotional video does not work for the promotion of B2B solutions. Emotional connection with the brand consumers and B2C companies ranges from 10% to 40%, whereas in B2B it is estimated at 50% or even higher.

According to the company that conducted the survey, such difference between B2B and B2C develops because of the different degree of probability of the risk of customers. If an ordinary consumer buys a defective product, it simply return it. In the second case, if the client is a company, the wrong choice can mean anything from falling sales or dismissal of an employee to serious financial problems.

There is a misconception that the B2B buying decisions depend only on the maximum value to the business. However, studies show that only 14% of the clients see the difference between the business value proposition of various brands and appreciate this distinction so that they are ready to pay more. In fact the high value proposition for business only helps in catching attention, but not in making a purchase decision. Therefore, when deciding whether companies are guided not only information about the product, but also on the emotional character of the brand, it is an ability to inspire confidence.

HTP Digital, an innovative b2b digital marketing player based in Manchester, has also conducted a study on rational and emotional aspects in brands promotion, depending on what they are betting in its marketing strategy. As a result, they found out that the majority of buyers prefer emotional companies whose products bear personal benefits.

Forget about yourself and remember the audience

Everyone has long fed up with intrusive television advertising, which speaks only for itself. Then how much more effective to pay attention to the client, its problems and expectations, and not talk about the benefits of your new products, as, for example, the company Cisco, sympathize with the client or to draw him a wonderful future full of satisfaction and personal gain. However, do not get carried away and do not forget to make the client remember that the movie is connected with your brand. (more…)

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