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Ultrasound In Action: Unparalleled Cleaning Results

Industrial / November 23, 2015

Surface cleaning by ultrasound is referred to highly effective and efficient purification and cleaning processes. The advantages of this method are: the ability to quickly remove various types of pollution from the surface of the items; ability to clean parts of complex shape, with hard to reach cavities and channels; applicability of different detergents; possibility of carrying out the cleaning process at room temperature or moderate heating; ease of mechanisation and automation of the process.

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The role of concrete throughout ages

Industrial / November 10, 2015

Like most building materials, concrete has come through a long way of development and enhancements. In the excavations on the banks of the Danube archaeologists discovered the remains of habitation 5000 years ago, where the 15” thick floors were a prehistoric pouring concrete: as binder red clay was used, while the reinforcing element was a fine river gravel.

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Slant Wells Profile Types & Choice Features

Industrial / November 9, 2015

The correct choice of the borehole in directional drilling is the mission of essential importance. Rational profile allows minimizing the work of deflection arrangement to the least possible depth, provides the necessary offset relative to the outfall of the allowable deviation intensity, the free passage of the drilling equipment through tubing, as well as trouble-free well exploiting in accordance with modern methods for long time.

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All You Should Know About Lifting Crane Equipment

Industrial / September 13, 2015

Currently, virtually all the varieties of hoisting units are in demand – regardless of whether it is electric and manual equipment. Perhaps, the leading roles in industrial spheres are played by overhead electric double-girder or overhead traveling cranes. In cranes construction the number of beams defines the lifting capabilities of the equipment. For example, double-girder overhead traveling cranes are used in those cases when there is a need to transport cargo weighing more than 10 tons. In the same case, when the weight of the load is relatively small, single-beam suspension design is quite suitable. Electrical control of lifting equipment, in contrast to the manual one, it provides greater productivity and is characterized by higher wear resistance. The installation of such units shall is based on a wide array of requirements, including fire safety, performance safety and many more.

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