Everything you need to know about working in mechanical building services

Maintenance activities / November 19, 2017 /

If you ever considered working in mechanical building services, then you surely want to know what kind of skills are required to do it, what kind of responsibilities you are going to have and what the fields that are hiring in this job are. Everyone knows that people working in building services are often very pleased with how much money they make. If you are passionate about the building sector, then you are even luckier, considering the fact that doing what you love – and being paid well – is essential for living the happiest, most satisfying life. Read below a series of information related to a job in mechanical building services:

Work activities

Working in the field of mechanical building services implies activities such as designing a layout which will properly distribute the energy wires, each water pipe and the entire ventilation system in a house. Someone who works in this field will also draw plans in specialized software to show the employer the exact outcome of the project. Trial and error tests are also implied in this job. Once the project outcome was tested, the building services worker will also make sure that each safety requirement is met, and no risk is implied in using the installation. In addition, someone who works in this field should also know how to handle teamwork, promote efficiency at work and compose reports for each activity handled.


If you want to hire in mechanical building services, there are many routes of education that are accepted. For instance, there are career paths for both people who graduated university and school leavers. Each person who graduated and obtained a degree in engineering and each person who has an accredited certificate in working in this domain should be able to find a job in building services. Of course, people with higher degrees and industry work experience will surely be advantaged when seeking for a job.


The skills required for working in mechanical building services include:

  • Solving a problem quickly and thinking analytical
  • Paying attention to details in designing
  • Numeracy skills
  • Being able to communicate with team members and employers
  • Management skills both in timing and budget
  • Technical drawing skills in specialized programs
  • IT skills in modelling programs and related programs

Work fields

As a worker in this domain, you can find employers like:

  • Companies that are working in the construction fields
  • Facilities management companies
  • Government
  • Research

If you are also interested in other jobs that are related to mechanical building services, you can try learning more about jobs such as architects, site or environmental managers, building control, engineers in civil or sites, landscape architects and so on. The industry of construction is offering many available positions in this field of work, so reprofiling is not a bad idea. Depending on the skills and passions you may have, you can choose the appropriate job and climb the career path as high as possible.