Robert farnon society – protecting the love for classical music

Musical industry / December 22, 2017 /

Those who have grown up listening to the classical orchestra pieces all their lives, will surely be in love with those symphonies. Yes, over the years, the sale of CD’s or cassettes of American classical music have not been very heartening and it has just seen a rise of around 5% in 2013 vis-à-vis the sale of other genres of music. This however, does not matter to the orchestra music enthusiast. The legendary Canadian musician, and composer, Robert Farnon has always been a top favorite in the world where classical music is in great awe.

The rise of Robert Farnon

As a Captain in the Canadian army, he soon became the arranger of Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. He proved his mettle as a musician par excellence.

Later, he moved to England with his wife and kids. Slowly, he began arranging and making some fantastic pieces of music. This is when many of his creations came out.

Robert Farnon is best known for two of his works in the light music genre – “Jumping Bean” and “Portrait of a Flirt”. He also became famous for other renditions before entering the world of motion pictures. His music for films like It’s a Wonderful World, of 1956, The Little Hut of 1957, and The Road to Hong Kong of 1962.

About the Robert Farnon Society

Taking a leaf from his works and popularizing the light music genre has been the primary work of Robert Farnon Society. This is the centenary year for Robert Farnon and so the society is doing, even more, to bring back the golden era of the master composer. The society organizes light music events, all year round and runs newsletters and even organizes meetings in London on light music.

The Robert Farnon Society is famous for honoring legends in this field of organizing and composing music like David Ades, John Barry, Greg Francis, and John Holiday to name a few. They also have interesting articles that share with the readers and fellow music enthusiasts’ information about the musician’s life, or the history behind the composition of his songs and music.

The Fan memorabilia and more

Every classical music lover fears that one day, the music of these musicians would get lost or damaged. However, this is where the modern developers of technology have stepped in and they have shared the best of Robert Farnon’s music right there on the official website for the lovers to buy as CD’s.

However, the light music CD’s are available from 2003 to 2017 for the buyers to pick from and listen in the evenings. Each of these CD’s has a list of top films and the musical soundtrack that featured in these movies. There are songs by John Wilson and his orchestra for “Moonlight becomes you.” There are also compositions from BBC Concert Orchestra, which also have a fine list of music to set the mood for a classical rendezvous.

With such effort, one can remain assured that the classical music is not in dangerous waters anymore.