When Emotions & Rationality Meet In B2B

B2B / September 16, 2015 /

Despite the myths, the rational and emotional parts can be merged within a B2B solution, and you can’t bet only on the rational aspect. Today we’ll talk about how significant emotions are in viral advertising for B2B, how to create an emotional connection with your brand, and how to do it with the help of viral video.

So how does an average promo video look like? As a rule, the concept itself is very similar to some presentation, which logically explains how can one benefit from a particular product or service, what are its advantages over the other and so on. It is not surprising, because in most cases, marketers believe that a business audience makes decisions based on reasoning and logical conclusions.

However, this opinion is disputed by the results of research and Google CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council, conducted in 3,000 companies from 36 different market segments. They are completely dispel the myth that emotional video does not work for the promotion of B2B solutions. Emotional connection with the brand consumers and B2C companies ranges from 10% to 40%, whereas in B2B it is estimated at 50% or even higher.

According to the company that conducted the survey, such difference between B2B and B2C develops because of the different degree of probability of the risk of customers. If an ordinary consumer buys a defective product, it simply return it. In the second case, if the client is a company, the wrong choice can mean anything from falling sales or dismissal of an employee to serious financial problems.

There is a misconception that the B2B buying decisions depend only on the maximum value to the business. However, studies show that only 14% of the clients see the difference between the business value proposition of various brands and appreciate this distinction so that they are ready to pay more. In fact the high value proposition for business only helps in catching attention, but not in making a purchase decision. Therefore, when deciding whether companies are guided not only information about the product, but also on the emotional character of the brand, it is an ability to inspire confidence.

HTP Digital, an innovative b2b digital marketing player based in Manchester, has also conducted a study on rational and emotional aspects in brands promotion, depending on what they are betting in its marketing strategy. As a result, they found out that the majority of buyers prefer emotional companies whose products bear personal benefits.

Forget about yourself and remember the audience

Everyone has long fed up with intrusive television advertising, which speaks only for itself. Then how much more effective to pay attention to the client, its problems and expectations, and not talk about the benefits of your new products, as, for example, the company Cisco, sympathize with the client or to draw him a wonderful future full of satisfaction and personal gain. However, do not get carried away and do not forget to make the client remember that the movie is connected with your brand.

The strongest emotions are the targeted ones

In fact, not only positive emotions can be effective in advertising for B2B. For example, greed and fear are no less powerful motivating feelings. It is believed that the creation of personal value to the customer takes place by exposing the internal motivators of his human nature:

  • Passion
  • Creed
  • Difficulties
  • Disadvantages
  • Aspirations
  • Promotion
  • Development
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Achievements
  • Mutual relations

This can create an ‘emotional currency of the brand’. In fact, your video distribution can even control the real currency – ROI video, but this is where it would be necessary to cause the target emotions in clients to motivate them to perform specific actions – purchase goods, sign contracts and etc.